Ultra-Light Aluminium Grave Shoring System

The Grave Shoring system is easy to use and designed to support any hand or machine-dug grave. The system is a based on traditional box shoring method like that used in the civil engineering and utilities sectors.

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The panels are very light, approximately 30 kgs each made of structural grade aluminium. The standard panels are 2400mm long x 600mm high x 45mm thick, painted green or any colour on request. Other sizes are available.

There are lifting lugs on all panels. Panels can be stacked to a depth of 3000mm using extension joiners and can be handled by small machinery often used within cemeteries.

The base unit has 4 spreader bars whereas the stacking panels only require 2 spreader bars per set. The base unit has built-in cutting edges, but we can supply 600mm high legs for use in normal soil giving an additional working depth of 600mm below the base of the shield.

The spreader bars can be adjustable or have a fixed length. The standard spreader bars are 600 mm – 900 mm, but wider struts are available on request.

The Lite Guard cemetery shield meets the safety requirements of BSEN 1331.142 (British European Standard)


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