slide rail post
slide rail post

Double Slide Rail Series 750

Westport 750

The inner Track of the Double Slide Rail System has been modified to accept the inner panels without loading them from the top as in others systems. This feature improves installation time.

The Rolling strut shoring system allows a minimum pipe clearance of 3.00 metres and can be used for trench depths up to 9.00 metres which makes the system especially suited for typical inner city work.

The compact size and centre position of the “H” shaped rolling strut offers optimum working room during all operations. In every phase of the installation and removal process, the movable rolling strut is situated in such a low position that an excavator even with a short boom is always able to work free and unhindered. This feature makes this system much easier to use than any double strut slide rail system.

If needed the Rolling Struts can be positioned different heights and thus allow the laying of very long pipes.

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Recommended installation depth:
up to 9.00 m

Trench width:
2.64 – 7.64 m

Working width:
1.24 – 6.24 m

Pipe passage height (h c )
up to 3.80 m with DGLS 5.50 m

Pipe passage height (h c )
up to 4.80 m with DGLS 6.50 m

Pipe passage height (h c )
up to 5.10 m with DGLS 7.50 m

Crawler excavators
up to D = 6.20 m 24.0 – 31.0 t

Crawler excavators
up to T > 6.20 m 30.0 – 50.0 t


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