EUSR Category 2 – Implement Safe (Digging) Excavating Practices

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Duration: 1 Day (Max 8 )

Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, safety professionals and/or operatives who want to implement safe digging and excavating practices in order to mitigate risk.


This course includes both theoretical and practical assessments in order to increase the knowledge required for those working to safely excavate and maintain holes and trenches using both hand tools and handheld power tools.

Achievement of the standard demonstrates effective performance, by being able to demonstrate the following skills and knowledge:

  • Interpret utility drawings and identify symbols and coded information.
  • Ensure all necessary location, marking and site safety provisions have been carried out correctly prior to any excavation work commencing.
  • Identify the dangers and hazards associated with excavations.
  • Select and use safe digging tec

Training Methods

Classroom based training with practical demonstration. Candidates will also put into practice what they have learned by carrying out a survey with the location equipment and producing a sketch.

Candidates will carry out advanced searching using various Genny attachments, on a section of foot way with live services.


  • Health & Safety Legislation
  • HSG47 Avoiding Danger from Underground Services
  • HSG150 Health and Safety in Construction
  • Equipment operators manual

Additional info

Candidates should bring suitable Personal Protective Equipment such as Safety Boots, Helmet, Gloves, Hi-Vis Coat or Vest and Hearing Protection.

This course is best delivered at our training centre, where we have constructed bespoke facilities which include a section of carriageway and foot way with live services.

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