Edge Protection

Westport Equipment provides innovative Edge Protection Systems using the Rapid EPS product range.

We can offer edge protection for the Concrete Frame, Steel Frame and Timber Frame methods of construction.

The unique system also offers protection to multiple Lift/Elevator Shaft core openings with just one gate.
We also offer bespoke options for our customers, where leading-edge protection is an issue, for example on Quay Walls, Waste Water Treatment works and pedestrian demarcation areas.

There are multiple fixing options to choose from and all offer quick and easy installation. We are also equipped to provide accredited training on the installation and inspection of this equipment.


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Rapid-EPS are an award-winning British manufacturing company that has been supplying innovative edge protection solutions to the construction and groundworks industry for over a decade.

Rapid-EPS are proud board members of the industry-recognised Edge Protection Federation and ensure all of our products not
only meet, but exceed BS EN13374:2013+A1.2018 and other Global Standards through Lloyds British certification.

Our famous Rapid Post allows the system to be:-

  • Installed 10 x faster than existing drill and fix systems
  • Installed using no drills or fixings
  • Installed with zero penetration to the concrete
  • Ideal for post-tension slabs
  • Easy to install requiring minimal training

The innovative compression Rapid Post, with its ease of installation and overall performance, has become the default solution for many companies around the world with its unrivalled 2.7m fixings centres – the widest on the market.

Rapid-EPS has a wealth of expertise in providing fall protection for the Concrete Frame, Steel Frame, Metsec and Structural Timber Frame industries and offers the most efficient edge protection system available to the construction industry today.