Layher Shoring Options

Layher Shoring Systems are used to form temporary structural elements that serve to transfer loads during the various stages of construction to support formwork until the concrete has reached its load-bearing capacity, or transfer loads from components and equipment during the construction, maintenance, or demolition of structural works.

The requirements placed on shoring systems are diverse; load-carrying capacity, assembly height, and adaptability are likewise important criteria as individual component weights as well as the possibility of integrating working areas and access means. The verstatility of the Layher System allows us to supply systems that can safely transfer these loadings while at the same time if required provide stairway access and working platforms.

Props made of steel are used which are often connected by means of frames to form shoring towers or slab tables. Shoring towers can also be constructed using individual Layher components that are easily put together. Enormous flexibility is offered through the use of Layher equipment, ranging from a simple shoring tower through to complex high load bearing structures and can be adapted to suit virtually any structure as well as different load capacity.The result is a very capable shoring solution that reaches the heights you need while remaining sturdy and safe. If you have a design challenge our experienced field team would be happy to help find a solution.


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