Lightweight Aluminium City Box

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The City Box is a lightweight Aluminium Trench Box with equivalent strength to similarly sized steel boxes. The City Box is ideally suited for use with excavators between 4.5 tonnes and 7 tonnes allowing smaller plant to provide a quick and easy shoring solution.

The Panel size is 3000mm by 1965mm. The struts supplied with the box offer an internal of 800-1100mm with other sizes on request.

This product with an assembled weight of only 488 kgs will easily travel to the site in a small pick up allowing lighter vehicle movements and reducing your carbon footprint compared to heavier equipment of similar size.

The lighter weight of these boxes allows a dig and place scenario where the pit can be excavated and a pair of boxes stacked can easily be lifted into the trench by a single excavator in one lift if site conditions allow.

  • Working Panel Pressures of up to 45kN/m2.
  • Boxes are manufactured to EN 13331-1 & EN13331-2 -036.
  • 950mm clearance under struts.

These are available from stock at our Dunboyne Depot for Hire or Sale, pricing on request.


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Box WeightAssembled Weight:
488 kgs

System Depth:
Up to 4m Deep

Panel Size:
3000mm by 1965mm

Trench Width:
800mm – 1100mm


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