Shoring for Shoring at Wilton Place

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In this application for Sisk Subcontractor, Larkmount Developments, three loading towers assembled off-site were supplied.

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Westport Equipment Limited, the specialist equipment rental business managed by Liam Brew & Ruairi O’Neill, is expanding its range of quality construction solutions offered for hire. The latest addition is high-capacity vertical loading “Power” towers from Layher.

In this application for Sisk Subcontractor, Larkmount Developments, three loading towers assembled off-site were supplied. Each tower was designed to accept a load of 60 kN, the Temporary Works Design was finalised after initial discussions on-site with Sisk & Larkmount where the loadings and sequence for removal were considered. The basement dig on the site had been supported by large flying horizontal shoring “Super Tubes”. These tubes had been put in place using a crawler crane earlier in the program and their removal required they be broken into smaller sections for safe lifting and removal off-site by the tower cranes. The loading towers were put in place with a steel plate used to distribute the load into the four columns of the tower. The High Capacities are achieved by joining vertical standards into clusters of four with heavy-duty base and head jacks for load transfer from above and below. System components provide bracing and a wide footprint provided inherent stability.

This vertical shoring arrangement using components from a ring lock scaffold system offers many possibilities in civil engineering applications, in the other photo from a European site the structure is being used to provide stair access, shoring and working platforms all in the single unified system for the construction of a large pylon.

Liam Brew, Director commented: “As an independent Irish-owned business we are proud to have made this premium engineered shoring tower equipment from Layher in Germany available for hire. We are confident that this fleet of equipment will be very attractive to our Civil Engineering and Construction customers who will recognise its unique potential. Another innovative engineered solution with first use in Ireland by Westport Equipment. We look forward to further increasing this fleet in the coming months ahead”.

A full temporary works design service is available and drawings and calculations can be provided for any enquiries. The team at Westport Equipment have more than twenty years of experience in excavation shoring and can provide advice and guidance on the best method to install the temporary works.
The existing range at Westport Equipment includes System Scaffold Hire, Ground Shoring and Height Safety Equipment.

Contact the team at Westport Equipment or have a look at for more product information.

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